Alumni Giving

The activities of the Center and the RMI Program, such as on-campus seminars and educational events, corporate tours, pursuit of university and professional designations, and travel to professional meetings and educational conferences, are made possible by the generous support of our donors. These activities allow students to learn more about the industry, work on professional development and begin building their professional network. As an FSU alumni, we hope that you benefited from these activities and look forward to creating similar opportunities for future students in the program.

Your gift is tax-deductible provides you with access to a LinkedIn group specifically for RMI alumni and program supporters as well as recognition on the website (unless donors indicate they wish to remain anonymous). For alumni that have graduated within the last three years, the minimum monthly donation is $10 or $100 a year. For all other alumni, the minimum monthly donation is $50 or $550 a year. Click here to donate and become part of the Alumni Network!

If you are interested in making a more significant impact on the Center and the RMI Program, its students and faculty, such as travel grants or scholarships, please call or email Mark Pankey at (850) 294-1193 or