Internship Program


The internship-for-credit program allows students to earn three course credits by combining practical industry-related work experience with academic requirements. The course credits can be used as elective credits within the major and internships can be completed during any semester (fall, spring, or summer).


1. OBTAIN AN INTERNSHIP: Students are required to obtain a position with an insurance company, consulting firm, financial services firm, insurance agency/brokerage, or in a related area of a major corporation. Students can find their own opportunities as well as use the Career Center and department resources. 



2. COMPLETE THE INTERNSHIP APPLICATION PROCESS: Students must complete the internship application process found below. The internship course request form will ask for your supervisor’s name and email address. Please type this information correctly as the system will automatically generate an email message to your supervisor requesting that he/she verify your internship by completing our employer confirmation form.  Once our office receives your complete application and employer confirmation form, we will review and follow-up to let you know if you are approved to enroll in the course.
3. ENROLL IN THE COURSE, COMPLETE INTERNSHIP AND CLASS ASSIGNMENTS: Once the internship has been approved, you will be given permission to enroll in the online RMI 4941 course. Termination of the internship without prior approval from the student's faculty advisor will result in an unsatisfactory grade in the course. Once enrolled, students will receive a detailed syllabus outlining course requirements. Assignments include, but are not limited to, evaluations, discussion boards, a professional development quiz, and a supervisor interview. This is an online course administered through Canvas. Students will receive a letter grade. 
If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact the Internship Programs Office at 850-644-8495 or