Mentor Program

RMI Mentoring Program

 The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide students with additional insight into the insurance industry, help students prepare to transition into the workforce, and support and encourage their pursuit of the industry designations while still in college.


One-to-One Mentoring – Each student will be paired with a mentor, with the goal of matching the mentor’s areas of expertise in the industry with a student’s areas of interest/development.  This mentoring relationship can be conducted by phone or in person, depending on what works best for the pair involved.  It is also anticipated that e-mail communications would be used in between mentoring sessions.

Group Mentoring – The students involved in the program would all meet together at least twice each semester.  The meetings would consist of a presentation on a topic of interest, discussion of a book or article all participants have read, mock interviewing, or whatever is appropriate and timely based on students’ interests and needs.


Each mentor/student pair are expected to communicate at least weekly, or more if both agree, whether by phone or in person.  All mentors and students are expected to attend all group mentor sessions.

All participants – students and mentors - are expected to commit to the mentoring relationships established, with

o   Appropriate and timely communication

o   Meeting attendance as scheduled

o   Making the time spent productive

Each student will work with his/her mentor at the beginning of the mentoring relationship to establish an understanding of what the student wants to get out of the program, with the goal of meeting the student’s needs and making the time more productive.  If a designation exam is involved, it is expected that the student will spend an appropriate amount of time preparing for the exam and be committed to taking the exam, and that the mentor will provide appropriate assistance as requested by the student.

 Duration: Both mentors and students are expected to commit to participating for one semester the option to extend a student/mentor relationship for one additional semester.

 Capacity: The program is limited based on the availability of mentors.

STUDENT - RMI Mentor Program Application